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I am VERY surprised to find that some of the best photographers, photo educators and outright great human beings I know don’t have more Twitter followers. So this is in Twitter-land “Follow Friday.” It’s a day when you suggest people to follow based on your own personal favorites. Normally you’d do this on Twitter but I’m devoting an entire blog post to it because frankly, I think many of you are missing out on some amazing information from some of the best folks I know. Mind you, this is not the ONLY group of people I think you should follow – to get the whole list just visit my Twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/scottbourne) and click on my followers. You should consider following all those people. But for the purpose of this post, I deliberately tried to pick some people who don’t have a bunch of followers yet – relatively speaking anyway – and who I think should have MORE followers. (Note – several of these individuals are or have been contributors to Photofocus so if their names sound familiar – you know why.)

In no particular order – (11 Photographers You Should Absolutely Be Following On Twitter ) or you could title this list – “If you’re following me, you should be following these folks too.”

Tamara does it all. She’s a mom, wife, business owner, photographer, educator and one of the sweetest, nicest, most loving humans on the planet. She is one of the top children’s portrait photographers in the world and she’s very passionate about everything she does. I feel like I won the lottery every day I wake up because I get to call her a friend. Whenever I’ve needed her help with anything, she’s been there for me – sold out – 100%. You’re lucky if you get one friend like this in a lifetime and she’s one of mine. But also – she’s got massive photography skills and shares them freely. So follow her here – http://www.twitter.com/tamaralackey

Robert will be a new face to many of you but he’s been my shooting/teaching partner on several wildlife outings and he knows more about photography AND Photoshop than most humans or aliens for that matter. He’s a fantastic nature photographer with a great spirit. So follow him here – http://www.twitter.com/Robert_OToole

Roberto Valenzuela is no doubt one of the brightest young stars in the wedding industry. His life reads like a novel. He’s one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world and he happens to be a concert guitar player and is married to a beautiful, real-life, rocket scientist. (Seriously!) He’s one of the best photography educators around, and a very humble and nice guy. I really, REALLY want to be him in my next life – although I am sure that thought terrifies his wife. 🙂  So follow him here – http://www.twitter.com/Robertophoto

Another young gun who’s recently exploded onto the photography scene through her appearances on TWIT and at other photo events. Catherine is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. She’s multi-talented and curious about everything which makes her more likely to be artistic than the average Joe/Jane. Her photography is amazing and she’s also an opera singer. What more could you ask for? So follow her here – http://www.twitter.com/Catherine_Hall

Rosh proves that nice guys don’t have to finish last. He’s a powerhouse in the photography/social media category who shares and shares and shares and does so with valuable information – all the time. He’s been generous to me personally and to all the photographers in the Twitter community. So follow him here – http://www.twitter.com/RoshSillars

John Paul Caponigro is an artist – pure and simple. And his art photography is outright captivating. I’d say from the perspective of fine art photography, nobody does it better than he does. But he’s also one of the most brilliant teachers on the photo circuit. If art photography is your thing, JPC is your man. So follow him here – http://www.twitter.com/jpcaponigro

Stacy is a real-life war hero. She’s the first female photographer to win the combat photographer of the year award and the only one to win it twice. She’s been on NBC and Oprah and every single time I see her slide shows I cry like a baby. On top of all that she’s sweet and compassionate and a very, very good photography teacher. She’s my hero and she should be yours too. So follow her here – http://www.twitter.com/StacyPearsall

Brad Moore is a superbly-talented photographer who’s concert and landscape photography ranks up there with the best. But he’s a humble guy, having earned his way through the ranks first assisting Joe McNally and now Scott Kelby. (Not a bad resume.) Since he’s often in the background he doesn’t get the attention I think he deserves but you should know of him, his work and his tweets. So follow him here – http://www.twitter.com/bmoorevisuals

Richard Harrington and I have worked on book projects together and taught at NAB, MacWorld, Photoshop World and other places. He’s simply one of the best photo educators alive and his video work in particular (for those of you shooting video on your DSLRs) is the creme of the crop. He’s written more books than I can count, authored and offered more training sessions at every single major photo and video convention, and hosted tons of podcasts and videos to the point that he should have a million followers – and yet he only has 8262 followers as I write this. You can learn from this man. So follow him here – http://twitter.com/rhedpixel

Nicole S. Young is an amazing young woman. I met her a few years ago and offered her a tiny bit of mentoring and then realized she didn’t need my help. She was always a super star in the making. Now the author of several excellent how-to photo books, and a rock star at iStockPhoto, Nicole Young also teaches Photoshop (or any other photo subject) with zero ego and nothing but desire to help. Let her help you. So follow her here – http://twitter.com/nicolesy

Skip Cohen really isn’t a photographer per se – but he’s been around the photo industry for 40 years. In addition to being my good friend, and co-author with me of my latest book Going Pro: How to Make the Leap from Aspiring to Professional Photographer, he’s been an executive at Polaroid, President of Hasselblad USA, President of WPPI/Rangefinder and now runs his own consulting company called MEI. Skip is a living legend in the photo business and offers insight you can’t get from a newbie. So follow him here – http://twitter.com/skipcohen

If you didn’t make this list please don’t take it personally. I have an agenda here. I’m trying to get these specific people some notice and I plan to start doing this once per quarter. Twitter has been an amazing resource for me and I think it can be for you too. So start following these folks and jump in with both feet. See you on the Twitter.

P.S. I am not friends with all these people but I am close to many of them, friends with most and lucky to even be acquainted with the rest. They are all giants in the photo industry in one way or another and all are people I admire.


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