Thanks to our friends at Drobo, we are thrilled to announce our “Featured Photo Contest.” Every week we will pick a photo that is posted to our Facebook or Google+ communities and feature it on Photofocus!

Then each month we’ll open voting from the community.  The top vote getter will win a special prize from our partners at Drobo as well as a profile story here on Photofocus.


Today’s featured photo is by the talented Murray Fox.

Camera : Olympus OM-D E M5. Lens : Olympus 12-50mm (the kit one) Focal Length : 19mm ISO : 200 f/8.0 1/250sec. Aperture Priority.

Camera : Olympus OM-D E M5.
Lens : Olympus 12-50mm (the kit one)
Focal Length : 19mm
ISO : 200
Aperture Priority.


“I arrived at my location hoping I would get the photo I had pre visualised, pre dawn colours lighting up wonderful clouds. Turns out there were no clouds and everything was blanketed in fog. I decided patience was the best virtue. I set up my camera on my tripod and waited…and waited and waited.
The sun had risen above the horizon and I could still barely make out the trees in the distance. I thought if I waited long enough I might get some light from the sun coming through the fog. I pointed my camera almost 90degrees to where the sun was, keeping it out of the frame, mainly to avoid any flare if it did shine through but also in the hope that the side lighting might do some interesting things to the landscape.
A slight breeze came out of no where and for all of 30 seconds, a gap appeared in the fog and the light came streaming through. Snap. Done, and the light was gone again. If I hadn’t been thinking about what might happen, waiting to see what would happen, and keeping a constant vigil on the light, I would have completely missed the shot.
Post processing was mainly bringing up the shadows in the bottom part of the image, some slight saturation boost as well, however this is pretty close to how it came out of the camera.  I’m a41yo amateur photographer living near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This imagewas taken not far from my home and all the ground would have been completely underwater during the devastating floods of 2011.

Devoted father of two with an awesome (see: understanding) wife, I’ve been focused on photography for the last 4 years.”

See Murrays’s work on Google+.

For more info on the Featured Photo Contest, click here.

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