When I started photography in high school, I spent the majority of my time in the darkroom making prints from the few negatives I shot. It took a lot of time to finally see what I’d recorded on film. When I started digital photography I the complete opposite experience. I could now see my photographs immediately, but getting prints took much longer since I had to send out for them. However, when I got those prints from the lab, the impact was powerful for both me and my clients. The pictures I remember most are always those I have handled and viewed in real life.

I’m fortunate enough to have had photographic prints as an important part of my life and career, and I truly couldn’t be in business without prints. That’s why I’m excited that this year’s WPPI will feature a strong focus on printing, including how to use prints to grow your business. Best of all, some of the world’s best teachers will do the training.

Sue Bryce, one of the most beloved photography teachers of all time, will be the keynote speaker at the opening night festivities. All of her students feel such a connection with her, so I’m glad that she’ll be teaching us how to make emotional connections with our clients using prints.

Besides Sue Bryce, there are many other classes focussed on helping you grow your skills (and your revenue) as a print-making photographer. I’ve attended WPPI for the last several years and it has helped me grow my business and shooting skills so I can continue as a full-time photographer. One class with a printing focus I’m looking forward to in particular is Andrew Funderberg’s “Be More Fulfilled Shooting for the Story.”

WPPI kicks off officially on Sunday, March 6th, but there are pre-conference activities and classes, as well. To take advantage of all the classes on printing (and everything available) you should register for a Full Platform Pass. Besides the classes, you’ll also get access to the Expo, which has loads of education going on, not to mention all the wonderful state-of-the-arts tools, products, and accessories you’ll find there. You can also register for an Expo only pass.

WPPI is a terrific opportunity to learn skills for business and photography, but even better are the relationships you’ll start. Most of my best friends come from conferences like WPPI.

I really hope to see you there. Several Photofocus authors and I will be at the Perfectly Clear booth (#1709) during the Expo, so please come by and say hello, or I’ll see you at the Photofocus/Perfectly Clear photowalk on Tuesday.

Levi Sim is passionate about making photographs and helping others make their pictures better, too. Join him on Twitter and Instagram (@PhotoLevi), read more of his articles here, and join him at the upcoming WPPI and Out of Chicago Conferences.

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About Levi Sim

Passion drives Levi to make photographs, teach, and help new friends. He tells people he's a photographer, but he really does more than just make pictures. His professional photography is primarily commercial work for businesses, both small and large, and he really helps show how great it'd be to work with those companies. He excels at photographing people, from two-year-olds to oil field workers to couples married for 60 years, everyone has a good time making pictures with Levi. Besides people and businesses, Levi enjoys all other aspects of photography, and practices landscapes and still life, as well. Other people enjoy photographing everything, and Levi wants to be able to help, so he practices as much as he can to be ready to help. He also runs a local photography club, is a Rotarian, actively helps at church, is a husband, and poppa to a peppy four-year-old girl. Levi writes regularly for Photofocus.com and is co-author of books on Adobe Lightroom.


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