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nicolesysmNicole S. Young  | Writer  

Nicole is a professional photographer and author, focusing on food and landscape photography. She writes books about photography, regularly contributes to several podcasts, and writes articles for photography and post-processing magazines. Nicole is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and owns and operates an online store,  where she sells photography-related post-processing tools and eBooks.

Nicole has been blogging about photography for over eight years and currently lives in the Portland, OR area with her husband, Brian, and their dog and cat, Kodak and Fuji. Follow her on Google+ or Twitter.


Levi-Bio-1aLevi Sim | Writer   

Ever heard of a fanatic? Levi is the epitome. He is crazy about photography and learning and helping others better their work. He bought a DSLR in 2009 and it consumed his life to the point that the classes he teaches at the community college, the photography club that he started, and the small business he runs making pictures were taking up more time than his full time job.

Levi is now a full time photographer and it’s the adventure of a lifetime. He loves it, and is so glad to be able to share his passion with others. Whether making landscapes, travel images, or making portraits indoors or out, Levi is most at home with a camera in his hand. There is nothing Levi would rather do than get together with others and make pictures.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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facebook_-2105230508Robert Vanelli | Writer

Vanelli is a photographer, educator and author living in Florida. As the lead photographer for Exposure Photographic Art Studio, he has had the opportunity of capturing images of special VIP’s, including the President of the United States, former president of Toyota / Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda and various martial arts legends.

In early 2000, Vanelli created a special Click for Kids program for Brevard County Schools. During that program he introduced his 5p’s from Click to Print. This unique system has become the foundation for his workshops including his new series “Winning the Sport Portraits Game”.

Currently he is teaching workshops, writing and creating tutorials for various plug-in companies and for the Vanelli and Friends series.


pamelaberryPamela Berry | Podcast Producer

Pamela has worked in Film and Radio for over 15 years. She started as a PA on major sets and eventually moved up to script supervisor. From there the roles of producing, directing, editing and camera operator followed.

In college she was recruited right off the air from her college radio station and went on to be on air talent for country, top 40, and alternative radio stations. She just finished a 2 year gig as an Emcee for Radio Disney.

Pamela has tech edited books on Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator & Motion. She is an editor for ScruffyTV and is co-host podcaster on planet5D. Her main love is being behind the camera whether its doing video or photography. She looks forward to a future teaching and authoring books about photography and film production.

Follow her on Twitter or read her blog.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 8.16.43 PMHoward Pinksky | Writer

Howard Pinsky, an Adobe Community Professional, is an online educator providing content for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. His work can be seen on YouTube and through Adobe’s education portals.

Howard runs a website that provides the art and design community with free video and written training on Photoshop, Lightroom, and more.


To see more tutorials check out and follow Howard on Twitter.


2192-PSW LV lightingKevin Ames | Writer

If photography is life, Kevin Ames is living it to the fullest.  His career encompasses commercial photography, authoring books on photographing women, Photoshop and Lightroom, writing for Photoshop User Magazine, and at speaking engagements across the North America, Europe and Asia at venues like Photoshop World, WPPI and Photo Plus Expo in New York.

Through it all he maintains his studio in Atlanta, Georgia working with clients like AT&T, Westin Hotels and Honda Power Equipment.  His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Time, Atlanta Sports and Fitness and exhibited at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art and on corporate websites.  Kevin is a Sigma Pro, Hoodman RAW Shooter and Dynalite Pro.

Learn more by reading his blogs on:, and


Headshot2013Brian Matiash | Writer

Brian Matiash is a published photographer and writer, as well as a lover of all things social media. He is a regular contributor to KelbyOne’s Photoshop User Magazine and Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine. He has been a featured speaker at the Google+ Photographers Conference and Photoshop World and his work has been featured as part of F-Stop Gear’s ‘Life In Focus’ video series as well as KelbyOne’s ‘The Grid’ and ‘Photoshop User TV’ programs. By day, Brian serves as Google’s Global Photos Products Evangelist, leveraging his knowledge of the photo industry and working with key influencers, partners, and consumers to bring awareness to the Google+ Photos products and platform.

You can follow Brian on his website and blog, as well as on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


LisaRobinsonLisa Robinson | Writer
Lisa began to appreciate photography at an early age as her mother was an absolute fanatic about documenting just about every occasion. It wasn’t until she took her first photography class in high school that she fell in love with the medium as she watched her first image appear in the developing tray of the darkroom.

She set about a traditional art & photography education and earning a degree in Applied Media Arts. She started a career as a Mac Genius at Apple Inc. after school and while fixing D.C. area photographer’s computer problems, she found gigs as assistants, second, or even third shooters in various photography disciplines. Eventually, she assisted for a wedding photographer and was instantly hooked on the genre. In 2006, After two years of assisting and second shooting, she co-founded SoftBox Media with Ian Robinson and lead the photography division. In eight short years she’s cultivated it into one of the D.C. area’s top local & destination photography studios earning multiple chart topping years on many top websites.

Coming from a film & large format background, Lisa loves to incorporate black & whites as well as in camera tilt & shift techniques into her work. She enjoys working simply and prefers to carry light on gear and use minimal processing techniques, allowing the in camera work to shine over the post processing techniques. Visit her website or follow along on Twitter to see what she’s up to.


1269558_10151562203730855_1597012971_oMykii Liu | Writer

His Asian jumping skills and abnormal love of tofu and argyles are antithetically a part of his nature.  But don’t be confused by his outpouring pranks, his photography and love of the craft make up for his passion for humor and horseplay.  Liu is currently a student of photography at the College of Southern Nevada while simultaneously and professionally shooting weddings, fashion, models and categorically formidable and socially accepted people.

“Hey.” That’s typically what he’ll say to you when you meet him, followed by a flying high five to the face–if not your hand– or, a rather boring but firm handshake.  He’s a photographer by definition. That’s not what he would personally claim to call himself– mainly because of his lavish talents that cover a broad spectrum of basket weaving and argyle collecting. He’d say he’s a creative. That outlet that he uses to be creative typically is his camera.

“People. You ask what I shoot? I shoot people… for money.”

You can find Mykii’s portfolio here or follow him on Facebook.


rob_sylvan_head_shotRob Sylvan | Writer

Rob Sylvan is a photographer, teacher, and author. Aside from being the Lightroom Help Desk Specialist for KelbyOne , an instructor for the Perfect Picture School of Photography, and staff instructor for The Digital Photo Workshops ; he is a founding member of Stocksy United.

Rob writes the Lightroom-focused “Under the Loupe” column for Photoshop User Magazine, is a regular contributor to Lightroom User magazine, and is the author of many photography related books, such as Lightroom 5: Streamlining Your Digital Photography Process and Nikon D5300: From Snapshots to Great Shots.

You can find Rob on Twitter or on Google+.


imagechrisorwigMelissa Niu has worked in various fields of journalism for over 10 years and is a storyteller at heart.

After a collegiate volleyball career at Washington State, Niu’s work ranges from Sports Broadcast Journalism at NBC KING5 in Seattle, Color Commentating for Fox Sports Net, Marketing Management and Partner Relations for the Seattle Seahawks and her most recent work as a co-founder and host of the popular photography broadcasting platform, [FRAMED] Network.  Niu’s love for photography stemmed from her need to tell stories through art and visuals.  Her passion for creativity, relationships, music and writing harvests into a massive need to tell a good story. As a mother of three daughters and running multiple businesses, Niu is constantly seeking balance, health, laughter and progression.

(Photo above by Chris Orwig)

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