Review Guidelines

Photofocus will enter its 18th year on November 3, 2015. Our coverage of photo/video reaches hundreds of thousands of photographers every month. We strive to provide excellent editorial coverage of tools and services that support the photo/video industry

We review photo/video-related products only. We do not accept payment for reviews. We only review shipping products, no betas. We only review retail copies of products. We don’t review Kickstarter (or similar) projects. We don’t review crippled or time-limited software. For legal reasons, we do not return items sent for review.

We tend NOT to review products we don’t like. We have too little editorial space for reviews as it is so we focus on stuff we DO like. We try to be positive and fair in every review – but we will point out flaws as we see them. We do very few in-depth reviews since our audience has told us they prefer a simple field use report with conclusions.

If you would like a product reviewed and can agree to these guidelines, please contact us at for more info on shipping review products.

All reviews are done in the order the product is received. Please monitor the site ( to see if your product has been reviewed. We apologize but we don’t have the staff to notify you when your review is up.


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